Potato and Vegetables Washing machine PVW-25 is suitable for washing potatoes and  leafy vegetables.
Easy cleaning, low power consumption, easy operating interface, suitable for use in large vegetable farm.

The machines are manufactured according to the European safety rules.
All material entering in the construction are CE approved.

Technical Data: 


Specifications   PVW-25 
Power   0.75 KW - 1400 RPM
Motor   3 Phase or Monophase - Geared Motor i= 20 ; 380 / 220 V AC  - 50 HZ
Capacitity   25 Kg/ Batch
Output   25 Kg in 3 minutes
Gross Weight   380 Kg
Options   Steel Painted - Stainless Steel
Water Consumption   5 Liters of water for 25 Kg of Potatos
Caractersitics   Free Of Maintenance - Easy To use & Safe - Food Grade Made Conveyor Belt - Automatic Discharge